Hive is ALIVE!

Registration for HiveFest⁵ opened up. Free (till Dec. 7th)

by @roelandp

This week I invested in setting up a big Amazon Machine Image for streaming HiveFest and some 3d modelling. It’s funny and weird at the same time. As the event happens in Virtual Reality, all is happening in a simulation. (oh my and is our “real life” also a simulation?)

Livestreaming this is not only for documenting purposes but also for those who won’t be able to join in AltspaceVR, because no mac/win or headset… This meant setting up a windows computer with OBS streaming software, multiple vantage points, run AltspaceVR a couple of times on 1 machine, circumventing “session” limits of the AltspaceVR software and some other challenges. But its tested and running now.


Conferences badges & wristbands are in!

You can get them once you enter HiveFest with your secret codeword. In order to get your HiveFest access link and registration code, you actually need to register…


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