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Marketing Hive

Hive is a decentralized project. There is no one company or one team that’s responsible for any aspect of Hive; instead, there are individuals and groups who have come forward to contribute to it. We see this in every aspect of Hive, from the creation of services to core development. It is also true for Marketing.

On Hive, it is not “they’re not marketing Hive” or “there is no marketing for Hive”. It’s “I’m not marketing Hive” or “I am helping market Hive”. They = all of us.

Marketing Repository

This is the new marketing repository for all marketing materials.

  • Hive ‘story’ and statements
  • Target persona profiles
  • Analysis documents
  • Methods and opportunities
  • Relevant links

It will also serve as a library for the Hive graphics and imagery donated by ecosystem members.

Target Persona Challenge (Follow-Up)

Remember the Marketing Target Persona Challenge

Submissions are now up in the repository. Unfortunately I could only find the two that were linked from the challenge post. If you submitted one and didn’t link it or want to submit one now belatedly please go for it.


Hive can always use more AMA opportunities. If you got one, let me know, and we’ll coordinate it and make it a reality. If you check the Marketing Repository above you’ll see there’s a section with our existing answers to various AMA questions. There are answers from the current AMA with Kyros Ventures and the earlier Huobi AMA.


If you find an award opportunity for Hive, please either submit for it or let me know and I’ll give you a hand with the submission. I’ve recently nominated Hive for the Most Dynamic Public Blockchain Award with PANews. Hoping for a victory and good news soon.

Current Challenge

  • What marketing initiatives do you want to see?
  • Can you think of something that hasn’t been done in crypto yet?
  • What is the best campaign another company (in any sector) did that we can pull inspiration from?

Reply in the comments here and let’s make it a reality. You’re also going to see the first of these questions tomorrow in the #hivechat on Twitter. Reply there or here.


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