Hive is ALIVE!

Information on Secondary Airdrop Proposals: Community Voting Begins Now

When the Hive blockchain was launched, distribution for the new chain was done at the time of the first block of the fork. This initial distribution had no impact whatsoever on existing Steem blockchain balances, and began the new Hive chain with balances mirroring previous activity. The blockchain created a new distribution and new supply similar to Steem’s ecosystem, but with an emphasis on community responsibility and a shared goal of decentralization. Anyone with an existing account immediately had their name and keys reserved for them on the new chain to do with as they wish.

One of the best- but also most challenging- aspects of creating a new blockchain has been finding a way to balance the diverse opinions of our community. There are many different viewpoints on what a new chain should champion, and just as many strong thoughts on what centralization, distribution, and accountability should look like on Hive…….


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