Hive is ALIVE!

How to Survive Eclipse – Cheat Sheet by @gtg


It’s a major technology upgrade, the first after Hive was born.



This simple Cheat Sheet is meant for the Hive node operators that are upgrading from v0.23.0 to Eclipse.

Basic sysop skills and previous Steem / Hive experience is required.

"version" : { "hive_blockchain_hard_fork" : "1.24.2", "hive_git_revision" : "00b5ff5573dcaa1c54ed8ed9cfbde06dee269c7e" }

HardFork Time

HardFork Time is the earliest point in time when the HardFork rules can be applied.
From that time onward whenever a supermajority of Hive witnesses taking part in a block production round votes for the Eclipse (i.e. runs the code), its rules will be in place…..

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