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Hivemind API being updated to allow following mute lists


A user currently has the ability to “mute” accounts, so posts and comments for that account don’t show up when the user is browsing. But they don’t have the ability to follow an existing mute list that someone else has created.

But it turns out we need this feature sooner rather than later, as I later learned that there already exists a global mute list for handling accounts that do massive comment spamming, and that list should also be replaced by an opt-in mute lists using the “follow API” method, to create a level playing field…………….



Condenser (e.g. being updated to support the new follow API-level

We’re also doing a major overhaul to condenser, both to allow for advanced display and filtering of follow lists and to allow for batch entry of accounts to follow/blacklist/mute. One of the goals of the update is to unify the way all the different types of follow lists are displayed/edited as much as possible, to keep usage as simple as possible…….


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