Hive is ALIVE!

Hive HF24 Information

Tentative Hardfork Date Set!


As of today’s final release candidate code, HF24 will occur on September 8th, 2020, provided no major bugs are discovered in public testnet over the course of the coming week.

This is a long post that will cover the hardfork date, what’s been worked on to be included in this hardfork, a look at where conversation and updates on the continued development of Hive can be found, and more. It’s a big one!

“…..the Hive repository has been buzzing with activity. To prepare for this hardfork, work has been done on the Hive blockchain itself, on the Hivemind layer for social features and integrations, and on a large number of language libraries that developers use to build things on Hive……”

“What is a release candidate for a hardfork”, how timing works, and more was covered in the last post, so if you’d like to get refreshed you can read back here.

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