Hive is ALIVE!

HF24 DATE SET: October 6

You’ll note that if you view this post at, there is a countdown timer to the hard fork attached to it. You can also find a live countdown at
The Hive blockchain does not fork at a specific block height (after a certain amount of finalized blocks) like some chains. A timestamp is set in the code, and when a super-majority of witness servers are running the upgrade at or after this time, the chain will fork to the new version. In non-tech speak: as long as enough of the top 20 are running HF24 when we hit the coded time on October 6th, the hardfork happens automagically.


Exact time of Hive Hardfork 24: October 6, 2020, 14:00 UTC/GMT


What happens now that the HF24 date is set?

Exchanges have been notified of the upgrade, and some have already begun posting about their intention to update and subsequent outages. (See: Binance, Huobi) You will notice that the exchanges supporting Hive will have their wallets go temporarily down for maintenance as they update their nodes to the new version in anticipation of the fork. A big plus is that the new version will be much quicker for them to spin up or replay, which means that downtime and wallet maintenance will be much easier for them going forwards.

Over this next week, it’s a final run for all dApps and projects to test and make sure their services won’t be interrupted. A lot of information on development and information on places to learn more about the ecosystem from the last post is still applicable, which you can find here in the HF info mega post:


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