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Draft template for proposals

This is a rough draft of a standard template for proposals to make it easy to find important elements that are common to most proposals.

Project Title

Proposal Type: Hive service | Opensource | Closedsource | Marketing | Advertising | Hive advocacy


Cost and expected completion date by milestone (below is just an example)

Progress reporting: By milestone | Daily | Weekly | Monthly

Project Summary

Project description


What happens if the proposal becomes unfunded?….

Feedback wanted

Please note this is really just a “rough draft”, mostly to start the conversation on what such a template might look like. Also, I don’t think we should ask that the use of any particular template be “mandatory”. But I do think many proposals will find it easier to get funded if they make it easier to answer the questions that will commonly be asked by voters, and a standard template could be one good way to do that…….


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