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We are excited to introduce Hivelist! Hivelist is a classifieds community that gives Hivers a place to post items for sale, post jobs and gigs, services available, even if you want to post personal ads, and more! Our goal is to be the Craigslist for the Hive blockchain and Web 3.0.


Welcome to HiveList, a HiveCommerce marketplace community for the Hive blockchain. This is a place for the Hive community to post items for sale, items they are in search of, services offered or in search of, jobs, gigs, housing, a discussion forum, and much more. This project is an initiative of Hive member @thelogicaldude with the advise and support of other community members. You can find him at: on the HIVE blockchain or at his own HiveCommerce site,

Check out the Hivelist Store where we have a huge variety of items for sale ranging from apparel, computers, consumer electronics, home and garden, tools, and much more! The store accepts HIVE, HBD, and our native LIST token, as well as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDC, and DAI. ***Store is still being filled, so not all categories may have items for sale just yet, but will very soon!***

Posting your ads to the Hive blockchain allows for complete transparency and immutability. This helps increase safety because any posts are recorded forever on the chain and can be verified in later dates. Posting to Hivelist also opens you up to a whole new world on the internet and allows you to easily start using cryptocurrencies. Hive is one of the best ways to get into the crypto world by doing things that you already do on a daily basis. If you are not a Hive member, you can learn more about Hive here.

The Classifieds section ( is the official classifieds page on the Hive blockchain with full LIST wallet functionality. Here is were you can see the earnings of your posts in LIST tokens and where the community can vote. This site is built on the same type platform as and hosted by the Hive-Engine team.

If you have a product to sell, whether it be digital art and photography printed on an array of items, physical and or manufactured goods, dropship items, services to sell, etc, and you are interested into getting into the world of HiveCommerce, then we can help you by building you your own HiveCommerce store right here on Hivelist!


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