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Discover and build a community, niche and be rewarded for blogs, votes, contributions and reward esteemed friends and followers. Find unique blogs in any subject. Engage with your community by discussing, sharing your thoughts on specific topic. Share and post what you love doing and earn rewards by engaging and gaining followers. Invite people to your community. Follow interesting authors, bloggers. Search your friends and bloggers you are following. Get notified to stay in touch with your community and discussions you are involved in. Take your blogging to the next level with Ecency today!


What is Ecency?

Ecency is a blockchain based social network - powered by Hive.

Ecency offers uncensored, free, limitless, rewarding platform for content creators.

Project was initiated and founded by @good-karma in August 2016 as an alternative social network. Since then project has grown to much larger group of contributors (translators, testers, developers, influencers, content creators and consumers) who helped to shape Ecency.

Ecency helps onboarding masses into Blockchain technology where users are getting paid for their time, resources and learn while enjoying social aspects of blockchain. Through ease of use, users not only learn but also become investors, innovators of the technology and community.


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