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cXc Music

Evolving society through the language of music.

cXc Music is a new type of dApp, the first to use a "Time Token" that gives individuals equal power to curate (Up) any music shared on our World of Music map. Music that gets Ups earns rewards and gains visibility by showing up bigger on the map.

Anyone can share music on the map by pinning the location of recording. No matter who shares the music, the owner of the Youtube account will start accruing rewards, and receive those rewards instantly when they link their accounts.

Music appears as colorful circles that paint a greyscale map. The circle's border color corresponds to the genre, and the fill color tells you the mood.

Ups also determine the Music Charts. Top Music charts are generated according to geolocation (Worldwide, Nation, State, County, City) and time periods (Day, Week, Month, Year). Musicians are rewarded both for charting, and for receiving any amount of Ups.

Listeners can choose to protect the system of cXc Music and earn rewards by correcting the location and metadata of music, and fighting bad economic actors.

cXc Music is the first dApp to use this model, and we plan to expand to all forms of media, and beyond! 


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